Annual Lawn Care Program


Our lawn care program consists of six applications per season.  Below is a description and an approximate time of each application:

  • 1st Application-lawn fertilization and weed spray, applied early spring
  • 2nd Application-Lawn fertilization and weed spray, applied mid spring
  • 3rd Application**-lawn fertilization and weed spray, applied late spring/early summer

      **Billbug preventative application is applied with the 3rd application.  If you choose to have the billbug preventative, your total cost         for the 3rd application will be double the normal price. (for example, if your cost is $50 per application the 3rd application with             billbug with be $100) 

        Billbug is a common grub in our area, which feeds on the root zone of your lawn, and can be very damaging.  We do guarantee           this treatment.  If you get billbug in your lawn after we applied the preventative, we will come back and treat at no extra charge.         Should your lawn get billbug and you did NOT have the preventative it could take more than one treatment to control the                     grub with additional charges.

  • 4th Application-slow release fertilizer to help your lawn deal with the heat stress, applied mid summer
  • 5th Application-lawn fertilization and weed spray, applied late summer
  • 6th Application-a granular fertilizer, to winterize lawn and ensure an early green-up in the spring, applied early/mid fall

Not interested in the annual program?  You can choose less than the 6 applications, with the understanding that weed control is NOT guaranteed if you are not on the annual program. 

Pricing for each lawn application is based on size of your lawn.  Call us today or click the "request for free estimate" at the top of our page!!