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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Summer | Lawn & Garden Care

Some people have asked what's my spring lawn care checklist. There's not
really a checklist per se; there's not that much you have to do. You'll
just want to get out there early with the rake and rake all the debris up
off the lawn. There will be a lot of twigs that have fallen off the trees
and some leaves that remain around, and also, it will help lift the turf
blades a little bit to let a little air in there. The biggest thing I can
suggest to you is to get your lawnmower out early and start mowing early. A
lot of people wait until the grass is too tall, and then they have problems
with it balling up and they take more than a third of the blade off. Go
out, rake the debris off your lawn, and get your lawnmower out and start
mowing early, as soon as it seems to need it.

Lastly, resist the temptation to fertilize your lawn, because the grass is
just starting to grow and if you fertilize now, it's going to grow really
quickly and you're just going to spend a lot of time mowing in the future.
Also, if you fertilize now, a lot of that energy is going to go into blade
production and not root production. You may end up in the long-run making a
weak plant. That's my spring lawn care checklist.

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